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One Paragraph Short Stories

Hello and welcome to Quick Spooks...these are short one paragraph stories just for the fun and entertainment of it all. I post them on the Wicked Harvest Facebook site, the blog and here about once a week.

I hope you like them. 




Nothing is on television. I spend my hard earned money on 300+ channels and I can’t find anything interesting or entertaining. I really want to watch something scary, but it seems like I’ve seen all the scary and horror movies out there. Checking channel after channel; seen it, seen it, looks bad, seen it…oh now here’s something interesting. Someone sitting in a dark room, candles lit and a large dark ominous shadow creature hovering over the…wait, that’s my couch, my candles, my….reflection.






I was sitting quietly one morning in my boat on a beautiful lake. The sun had just come up, a cool breeze was coming in from the West. I took a few sips of my coffee and noticed a majestic crane walking slowly near the lake edge. His eyes darted back and forth looking for a single unaware fish for breakfast. It was a very peaceful scene. Just as I swallowed my mouth full of coffee a zombie hand shot from the water just below the crane. Its decaying hand grasped the crane’s neck. The doomed bird’s wings flung outward, feathers flying, but within a second it disappeared into the murky water. I don't go fishing in that lake anymore.