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Michigan Monsters & Macabre

Series One Titles…

  • Voodoo Soup – Ever make a wish by tossing a coin into a wishing fountain? You may think twice after hearing the tales of these four subjects.
  • The Grave Robbers – Goat and Boomer are not the smartest of thieves and they get quite a surprise when they dig up a coffin that’s been buried for centuries.
  • Duel of Battle Alley – Two men face off with dueling pistols in a town alley due to one man’s temper. However the man’s anger turns to fear with the outcome of the gunfight.
  • Death Driver – Danny was a normal kid until tragedy strikes his family. He spirals out of control killing people with his car. The Grim Reaper takes notice and recruits him for his own deadly deeds.
  • Ice Cream Man – There’s a new ice cream man in town and his delicious creamy cold treats will give four young kids a little more than they bargained for.
  • The Tree – Children come up missing year after year around Halloween and the culprit is a child eating tree that must be stopped.
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood – Jeff moves into a new neighborhood and is warned about not venturing out during Halloween night…for good reason.
  • The Halloween Party – The annual family tradition Halloween party with family and friends…and a little someone extra to really haunt the evening. 


More to come...